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  • “Event” means an event to be held at Theatre in the Park or within the grounds of Strode Park Foundation.
  • “Management” means Strode Park Foundation, its representatives, and employees.
  • “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions.
  • “Ticket” means any ticket for you to attend an event.
  • “You” means you as the holder of the ticket and “your” should be read accordingly.

Terms and conditions

All tickets are sold subject to these terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully prior to purchase and raise any queries with the management prior to purchase. Purchase of any ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Upon purchase, please check tickets carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified after purchase. Tickets are not issued on a sale or return basis and refunds will not be made on returned tickets unless provided for under these terms and conditions.

The price of a ticket shall be the price set at the time the management accepts your order. All prices set are inclusive of any applicable taxes but exclusive of any booking fee and collection fee. No tickets will be released until the management has received full payment.

The management will not be responsible for any ticket that is lost, stolen, or destroyed. If duplicates are issued, a reasonable administration fee may be charged.

Tickets are sold subject to the promoter’s and the management’s right to alter or vary the published event programme where reasonably necessary.

Removing any part of, altering or defacing the ticket may invalidate a ticket holders ticket.

All ticket discounts are subject to limited availability, and the discretion of the management and/or the promoter. Only one discount per ticket may apply, Proof of identity and concession entitlement may be requested.

It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain whether an event has been cancelled or rescheduled and the date and time of any re-scheduled event. Where an event is cancelled or re-scheduled, the management will use its reasonable endeavours to notify you using the details you provided at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to inform the point of sale from where you bought the ticket of any change to the contact address, telephone number or email address you provided at the time of booking.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless the performance is cancelled, rescheduled or where there is a material change to the event. A ‘material’ change is a change which, in the management’s reasonable opinion, makes the event materially different to the event that any purchaser of a ticket could reasonably expect. The use of understudies shall not be a material change.

The management shall not be liable for any loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure beyond the ticket price and relevant booking fee (excluding any transaction fees).

In order to claim your refund where an event is cancelled, please apply in writing to ‘Theatre in the Park Box Office, Strode Park Foundation, Strode Park House Lower Herne Road, Herne, Kent, CT6 7NE’ enclosing your complete unused tickets within 1 month from the date of the event.

The refund for tickets equals the face value of tickets purchased plus the relevant per ticket booking fee.

Where there is a material change to the programme of the event, you must bring this to our attention as soon as possible upon becoming aware of such change in good time before the event. Where an event is rescheduled you must apply in writing to ‘Theatre in the Park Box Office, Strode Park Foundation, Strode Park House Lower Herne Road, Herne, Kent, CT6 7NE’ enclosing your complete unused tickets in good time before the date of the rescheduled event. The management will not make any refund if tickets and/or the relevant notification are not received by the ‘Theatre in the Park Box Office’ within the above timeframes. Refunds will only be made to the person who purchased the tickets.

Tickets obtained in breach of these terms and conditions shall be null and void and the management may refuse admission to or eject you from the venue. Any person seeking to use a void ticket in order to gain or provide entry to an event will be considered a trespasser and will be ejected and liable to legal action. Void Tickets are non-refundable.

The management reserves the right to refuse you entry to and/or eject you from the event and / or venue in reasonable circumstances including without limitation for health and safety or licensing reasons; if you behave in a manner which has or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other persons at the event; If you use threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms; if in the managements reasonable opinion, you are acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs; if you fail, when required to produce proof of identity or age; if you refuse to comply with the managements security searches; if you breach these terms; or if your ticket is void.

If before or during the event you have a complaint in relation to the event (including without limitation in relation to your ability to view the event), please contact us or a steward promptly since complaints are very difficult to deal with after the event.

By attending an event, you give your express consent to your actual or simulated likeness to be included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world.

Mobile telephones and messaging equipment must be silenced or switched off during the event.

The management reserves the right to conduct security searches and confiscate any item which in the opinion of the management may cause danger or disruption to other persons at the event or is one of the items not permitted in the venue as listed in these terms and conditions. You should not bring any of the following items into the venue: laser pens, animals (except guide dogs), glass containers, any sharp or pointed objects (such as knives), illegal substances.

Smoking within the venue is prohibited. The management reserves the right to eject any person found smoking within the venue without refund.

The management reserves the right to allow audience members to stand in seated areas of the auditorium.

You must comply with any and all instructions given to you by the management and/or venue stewards and staff and with all Theatre in the Park regulations. The management reserves the right to restrict access to parts of the venue. If you have any special requirements or concerns about any special effects (for example lighting or sound effects) which may be featured at the event, prior notice should be provided when ordering the tickets.

You shall not bring into the venue or display or distribute (whether for free or not) at the event any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials.

Please ensure that you do not leave any bags or other items of personal property unattended in the venue. Any personal possessions or other items (including without limitation clothing, wallets and mobile phones), which are found in the venue, shall be retained by the venue for a period of 30 days following their discovery.

Parents and/or supervisors are responsible for supervising children in their care at all times and supervision of children shall be by not less than 1 adult per 10 children.

Personal information provided by you to the management will be used for all purposes reasonably connected with the operations of the venue included(but not limited to): providing you with details of forthcoming events, 0ffers and services, providing you with updates as to the latest concessions or any changes thereto and information concerning competitions and other promotional activity, supplying you with the goods that you request, conducting market research and establishing customer profiles.

By purchasing a ticket or tickets, you consent to the use of your personal information in this way. If you have any queries, please contact the Theatre in the Park Box Office.

Unless you inform the management otherwise, by purchasing a ticket or tickets you authorise the management to use personal details obtained in the course of the transaction to: provide details of forthcoming events, offers and services, provide updates as to the latest concessions or any changes thereto, and provide information concerning competitions and other promotional activity.

You agree that the management will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person(including yourself) or property however caused (including by the management or any of its employees) (a) in any circumstances where there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed by the management or any of its employees. (b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury as a result of a breach of a legal duty of care owned by the management, its servants or agents), or (c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from a breach by you or any of these terms and conditions.

Ticket holders must comply with all relevant statutes, safety announcements and theatre regulations whilst attending the event.

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