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Vaccine rollout for Strode staff

Sue Bodey recently returned from the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford having had her second Covid-19 vaccine.

She describes herself as feeling ‘relieved’ after having both the jabs. A feeling which has been long awaited after the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020.

Strode Park Foundation’s workforce and residents have been one of the top four priority groups offered the coronavirus vaccine first, but it took a bit of research for Sue to have the jab. She said: “It wasn’t an easy decision to have the vaccine, it was really hard because you do hear so many things – has it been tested enough, shall I wait and see what happens. I had a few questions. I also have some underlying health conditions so I had to think about that too. But in the end I made the decision to just go for it.”

Although there was some apprehension, Sue, who is a Lead care and Support Worker for Strode Park’s ComCare department, said she thought it was brilliant that Strode had offered the vaccine to its staff. She added: “I think it’s absolutely brilliant that we were one of the first and Strode Park have been good at supporting us every step of the way. Generally they are good with their staff and the training is great too.”

When Sue was called up for her first vaccination in December she describes the way she felt. The 65-year-old said: “I’ll be honest I was a bit frightened about having it but I’d made the decision to go for it so I did just that. After my first vaccine I was fine, nothing but an achy arm afterwards for a couple of days. The whole process was very well organised at the hospital.”

Then just 21 days later she was off to Ashford again for her second dose. She added: “I felt really at ease for my second appointment. I was not worried at all. I felt complete relief after I’d had it. A bit of an achy and bruised arm and I felt a little more tired than usual, but I expected to feel some further effects from this one.”

Sue, who has worked at Strode Park Foundation for almost 33 years, continued: “I’ve had the vaccines now and I’m fine. It will protect me but it won’t stop me from carrying and passing it, so we must all make sure we continue to take the necessary precautions to protect each other. I hope there is light at the end of tunnel now. Thanks to everyone at Strode who have worked so hard to keep us all safe.”

Sue Bodey