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Volunteer of the Month – June

This month’s volunteer is the fantastic Alan Weston! Alan has truly aided the Strode Park Foundation in more ways than one.

Alan only moved to the Herne Bay just under one year ago and since then Alan has made a huge impact on our foundation. Alan has been volunteering with us for a short while but in that short time he has shown such dedication, time and initiative while volunteering with us.

Alan said “I chose to volunteer for Strode because when moving here I saw a stand-alone charity that needed help. Also, upon entering the shop I was incredibly moved by the photos of the residents, and it hit me that I could make a difference in their lives”

We asked Alan what one word he would use to describe volunteering. “Fulfilling”. Volunteering brings such fulfillment to Alan and allows him to give back to the community that welcomed him into their town with open arms. Alan continued to say “I have had a very long, healthy life and not everyone is lucky enough to have this and volunteering for Strode allows me to give back to the community that may not be so lucky”

Alan went on to tell us about some of his favourite things when volunteering for Strode. He said “I have really enjoyed making new friends in the town and connecting with people that share similar morals to me. I have also really enjoyed meeting some of the residents and seeing what impact my volunteering has had on them” Volunteering has the power and capability of allowing people to make new friends and bring people together within the community who want to give back.

Finally, we asked Alan how volunteering makes him feel and how it has changed his life for the better. He said: “Content, rewarding and amazing are the words I would use to describe how volunteering makes me feel. I feel like volunteering has given me a new lease of life and a sense of belonging to a community and family”. Come and join our family of wonderful volunteers!

Thank you, Alan, for all your continued hard work, we couldn’t provide the wonderful care that we do, without your support.

If you are interested in volunteering and giving the gift of time, then please either call 01227 373292 or email