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These mums can!

A dynamic duo from Herne Bay are running this year’s London Landmarks Half Marathon to raise money for Strode Park Foundation.

Old school friends, Laura Rigden and Clare Hylands have pledged to raise £600 or more, if they can, by completing the 13.1 mile race, which takes in breath-taking views of the city on Sunday 1 August.

This isn’t the pairs first half marathon, with both of them joining forces last year to do their first half marathon together.

Clare said: Myself and Laura ran our first half marathon official race last year, but I’ve run many practice halfs and virtual races. Training is ongoing, on the pavement and with weight training etc at home, 5.30am starts to get some miles in is the new normal!

Laura echoed this. She added: “Training wise I’m running 3/4 times a week, mixture of short and long ones, I have a treadmill at home so in half terms if I can’t get out I train on there too. Now the weather is getting better I need to start training in the heat now it’s a summer race.”

Both are looking forward to the day though, running alongside places like Big Ben, The Shard and The Bank of England.

Mother of three, Clare said: “On the day, I’m looking forward to the atmosphere, sense of community and the challenge of running a different course. Feeling anxious and excited, I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself to reach a PB, my aim is to enjoy the opportunity and see what the day brings, especially depending on the heat now the date has changed. On home soil, sub two hours is easy and comfy so whilst taking in the sights of London I would be happy with that.”

With Laura agreeing that her personal best is 1 hr 56 minutes but she said “it’s going to completely depend on the weather. If it’s blistering hot, I’m going to not worry about the time, enjoy the route, take some pics and enjoy the experience. If weather is OK I’ll be aiming for around pb time. I’m looking forward to a completely new route I’ve never run before, with lots of landmarks to see.”

The duo, who have been friends for more than 25 years, added: “Thanks to Strode Park for their continued support, and all they are providing for us, and thanks to everyone who donates to support the charity.

“Raising money for Strode Park is incredibly humbling and a privilege, my mother-in-law has worked for the charity for many years and supporting such a hardworking local charity makes the event even more special.”

You can sponsor and support Clare and Laura by visiting –