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Local Nurse’s Fab Fundraising!

Lisa Castle, a keen runner, will be taking on the Brighton Marathon on 12 September 2021 to raise vital funds for Strode Park Foundation. As a local nurse for 35 years, Lisa has interacted with many patients from Strode Park Foundation’s services. This along with being based in Herne Bay her whole life and attending events such as the Summer Fetes meant Strode was at the top of Lisa’s list when she wanted to run the Marathon.

The Brighton Marathon has been postponed multiple times over the last year due to Covid-19, this has been difficult for many of the runners and Lisa noted this herself, having achieved a 17-mile run just before the first Lockdown, she has had to work hard to not to lose her running skills. Lisa has maintained this through running a half marathon every 6-8 weeks, as well as running smaller runs regularly.

As a local nurse, Lisa has had to work hard to balance a nursing career during covid with training, but she was determined not to lose the progress she had made pre-covid so has been incorporating it into her daily life. She even managed to run everyday at the beach during her week off from work.

With no previous experience of a full marathon, Lisa is aiming to run the Brighton marathon in under 5 hours, but will be pleased just to complete the run no matter what time it takes her. Lisa said: “I am looking forward to the atmosphere of the marathon on the day, which is why I didn’t want to do the virtual option offered during Lockdown as I didn’t think it would feel the same.” Lisa has always wanted to complete a Marathon and is looking forward to finally being able to make this a reality this year.

Lisa has managed to raise around £2000 (including cash donations) an amazing figure by anyone standards, but this is not stopping her, Lisa is determined to continue to fundraise and smash her target! If you would like to support Lisa and her amazing effort, you can do so by visiting:

Good luck Lisa, we know you will smash it!

Lisa Castle