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Kickstarting Your Career

Strode Park Foundation is part of the Government’s Kickstart scheme which aims to get 16 to 24 year olds on universal credit, who are at risk of long-term unemployment, work experience at minimum wage.

Through the Kickstart scheme Strode has recently recruited a Fundraising and Communications Assistant. Phoebe Stonier, who completed a degree in Event management earlier this year, joined the team in April.

She said: “I had just finished my degree and was looking for a role which would put my theoretical knowledge of events into practice. I saw this Kickstart job role and knew it would be the perfect way to gain experience.”

Phoebe’s role will help her develop a range of skills within the fundraising field, including events, income generation and communication thanks to the six-month scheme.

As a recent graduate during lockdown Phoebe has found this role a perfect opportunity to develop skills while earning money which she mentions has been difficult due to most places only offering internships without pay.

Kickstart is one of the many ways Strode Park Foundation is helping to advance the careers of those in its employment. With many apprenticeships and courses on offer Strode is helping to build the confidence, skills and understanding of those in its employment.

Phoebe added: “I would definitely recommend people take up a Kickstart role, especially those just coming out of university or joining the working world. It allows you to get work experience, with the bonus of having the support of money, this has made it a much better option for me instead of interning for free. It has allowed me a foot in the door for events and charity work and I am very grateful.”

HR Director, Kerry Bardsley said: “We’re delighted to support young people in our community via the government-funded Kickstart scheme. Working for our charity is an amazing and unique opportunity, and we’re glad that we can offer such varied and supportive placements over a six-month period”.

Kickstarting your career