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iPad/Tablet appeal

We were on BBC Radio Kent yesterday (fast forward to 1:35) putting out a plea for businesses and communities to donate to us new or used but usable iPads, tablets or phones that we can use in our homes.

It’s a really distressing time for our residents at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic and communication and interaction with their families is absolutely critical.

Most of our 150+ residents won’t be able to see their families and loved ones for at least 12 weeks and the only way we will be able to make that happen is through FaceTime or video calls on iPads, tablets or phones.

Let’s start our own conversations and get our residents connected with their families. Now more than ever they need this. If you can help in any way at all please email and let’s make this happen.

Alternatively, if you can make a donation towards us buying some new ones ourselves please visit our donations page and make a donation to our iPad/tablet appeal.

Please help us spread this message and share, share, share!