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Allanna aims high with apprenticeship!

It’s National Apprenticeship week so we thought we would catch up with one of our Care and Support workers Allanna Hills about her Apprenticeship.

Allanna has worked for Strode for over seven years and in that time has completed her Diploma 3 in Health and Social Care and is currently working on her Diploma 5 in Management and Leadership, so has had a lot of experience with just some of the apprenticeships we offer to our workers here at Strode.

Allana expresses much enjoyment from her apprenticeships saying: “I have been able to progress in my roles in the last seven and half years I have been at Strode Park, due to what I have learnt from these apprenticeships.” Allanna’s current Diploma in Management and Leadership will help train her into more senior roles within Strode Park Foundation’s Care and Support team, however, the charity also provides apprenticeships for a whole range of roles within the organisation whether within the care homes, catering or in the offices, all helping our employees become more trained in their roles and able to progress through their careers.

Strode believes in providing apprenticeships for its staff as it allows them to grow and be the best at their roles they could possibly be. Allanna advocates heavily for the apprenticeships she has done and urges others to follow suit. Allanna added: “I do recommend that anyone offered this fantastic opportunity grabs it by the horns and does all they can while they can. It is a fantastic opportunity that Strode Park offer for their staff. I find the more apprenticeships we do the higher level of care we provide to our service users.”

Allanna concluded: “Strode Park offers so many great opportunities for their staff members, I really appreciate everything they have done for me over the seven and half years. I feel I have become a better person as well as a better carer.”

Apprenticeships are very important at Strode Park. They are carefully chosen to make sure they are the right fit for the employees as well as being beneficial to the organisation.