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United Kingdom Pro Wrestling

Sunday 28th July 2024 (2:00pm - 4:00pm)

Get ready for a thrilling outdoor wrestling extravaganza at our amphitheatre, brought to you by UKPW – United Kingdom Pro Wrestling!

UKPW events are suitable for all ages, and we want the whole family to join in on the fun.  Tickets are £10 and you’ll get:

Epic Matches: Get ready to witness some of the most exciting wrestling matches you’ve ever seen. Our talented wrestlers will perform high-flying moves, powerful slams, and jaw-dropping maneuvers that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Family-Friendly Entertainment: UKPW is committed to providing family-friendly entertainment. You can bring your kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. We create an atmosphere that’s enjoyable for fans of all ages.

Meet the Stars: After the matches, you might have a chance to meet your favorite wrestling superstars! Autograph signings and photo opportunities are part of the fun. Don’t forget to bring your wrestling memorabilia for that special keepsake!

Interactive Fun: Our events aren’t just about watching; they’re about being part of the action! Cheer for your favorite wrestlers, and don’t be surprised if they interact with the crowd. It’s all part of the excitement.

Merchandise & Foam Fingers: Show your support by picking up some UKPW merchandise! T-shirts, posters, and those all important foam fingers to show your support for your favourites!

Surprises and Drama: Wrestling is known for its twists and turns, unexpected alliances, and fierce rivalries. You never know what drama might unfold during a UKPW show. That’s what makes it so thrilling!

So, mark your calendar, gather your family and friends, and get ready for an incredible day of outdoor wrestling. We can’t wait to see you there cheering for your favourite wrestlers.

Optional extras on the day
(Cash or card payments taken)

  • £2 for signatures of the wrestlers
  • £3 for photos in the ring
  • £5 photos in the ring with the wrestling belts

Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. All tickets are e-tickets. We do not send out paper tickets in the post, so please remember to bring your order number with you on the day.

The wrestlers and referees in this show are professionally trained performers. Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any action you see at this event. Sit back with a drink and enjoy the show; the athletes will take the bumps and bruises.


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