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Wheelchair Alliance ‘The Value of a Wheelchair’

On Sunday 23rd December 2023, which was fittingly the ‘International Day of Disabled People’, the Wheelchair Alliance, (the Alliance) published their research report under the heading of:

‘The Value of a Wheelchair’:

Wheelchair Research Report 2023 – The Wheelchair Alliance (

Phil Ling our Service User Advocate who is a member of the Wheelchair Alliance User Engagement Group, would like to bring this report to your attention and give you some idea of what it’s about.

The Alliance commissioned this research report to identify the real value of providing the right wheelchair that truly meets the needs of the user to enable them to live the life they choose. The Value of a Wheelchair research was undertaken by two independent research organisations, Frontier Economics and Revealing Reality and was grant funded by the Motability Foundation.

There is also a rather interesting article on the report in the Disabled Review Magazine, which is published today, (Monday, 04/12/2023) on p53: Winter 2023/24 – Disability Review Magazine

Disabled Review Magazine: