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Wheelchair Alliance Newsletter January 2024

Phil Ling our Service User Advocate who is a member of the Wheelchair Alliance User Engagement Group, would like to bring this, the first Wheelchair Alliance newsletter, to the attention of all wheelchair users and their carers who follow Strode Park Foundation on our social media platforms.

Also of interest, the Wheelchair Alliance have noticed some concerns have been raised about the safety of Lithium batteries (Li Batt) which are being used in some powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The British Healthcare Trades Association has developed guidance for businesses to share with consumers/customers (B2C). It says that a number of areas should be highlighted, especially as not all Li Batts are the same, such as:


  • Charging instructions
  • Storage recommendations
  • Temperature considerations
  • Maintenance
  • Safety precautions
  • Life expectancy
  • Weight limitations
  • Recycling and disposal
  • User manuals and guidance
  • Trouble shooting and safety warnings

Wheelchair Alliance Newsletter Jan 2024 (1)

Wheelchair Alliance Newsletter Jan 2024 (2)