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Volunteer of the Month – April

This month’s volunteer is the fantastic Dorothy! Dot has truly aided the Strode Park Foundation in more ways than one.

Dot started her volunteering journey with us back in 2001, 22 years ago! Dot started volunteering for the Foundation after she retired from her community job. Dot said: “I wanted to be part of a team that helped people,” so that is what Dot did.

Her journey started with visiting the house and engaging with our residents, chatting to them and just being a friend. Her role has now developed into more than that. Dot’s role is now ‘charity shop volunteer’. Our dedicated Dot works twice a week at our charity shop based in Herne Bay, putting out stock and greeting customers with a smile. Alongside all the hard work Dot does at the charity shop she also regularly helps at some of our events, helping to run stalls and games. In addition to this, Dot often helps cover shifts at the charity shop which allows us to keep the shop open weekly.

Dot continued to tell us about her most fond memory of volunteering at Strode. She said: “My favourite memory was being reunited with a long-lost friend whom I used to go to school with”. Dot’s long-lost friend who she used to work with was one of our residents here at Strode and they met via our charity shop and were able to reignite that spark of friendship. Volunteering has the capability of allowing people to make new friends but also potentially connect with old friends within the community. We are so pleased to have reunited such good friends.

“Volunteering gives you a feel-good factor and you meet so many different people, which sometimes you genuinely have helped to change their lives,” she added.

Whilst chatting with Dot, we asked her to give us some advice for anyone who is wanting to start volunteering, she said: “Go for it and join Strode! You will not regret it and will have such a laugh and work with lovely people while doing good for the Strode Park Foundation!”.

Thank you, Dot, for all your continued hard work, we couldn’t provide the wonderful care that we do, without your support.

If you are interested in volunteering and giving the gift of time, then please either call 01227 373292 or email