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Residents help in research project

Strode Park Foundation has taken part in a research project with The Tizard Centre on the subject of ‘Safer Online Lives’.

The Tizard Centre, which is the leading UK academic group working in learning disability and community care, recently contacted Strode Park Foundation to participate within one of their research projects on ‘Safer Online Lives: Use of the Internet & Social Media by People with Intellectual Disabilities.’

The project was designed to better understand adults with intellectual disabilities in the UK, and the positive aspects and opportunities people with intellectual disabilities have when using the internet. The research will also look at the negative aspects and barriers people might come across when using the internet and how this could be improved.

Strode Park Foundation suggested to several of their residents who use the internet regularly to take part in the programme to help give further insight into continued ways to support individuals to use the internet safely.

Redwalls residents, David, took part in the questionnaire, who noted that he believed the questionnaire to be very beneficial for him to take part in. He also suggested others should also get involved as the questionnaire is very short and took very little time to complete but can make a big difference.

Becky Richards, Director of Care (Social and Homecare) said: “It is important for us at Strode Park, to not only recognise the importance of technology in today’s world but also to understand the role it plays in the lives of the people who live in our services.”

The project is designed to hear directly from those with intellectual disabilities who have been largely left out of documentation and research in this area. Projects, such as this one, are very beneficial within Care services to continue to improve care practices and care practice standards.

Becky added: “Although we all work extremely hard to alleviate inequality and discrimination and support people to overcome the barriers that they may face with accessing the internet and its various platforms, additional support in these areas is always welcome.  As an organisation, we are always extremely keen to support research projects that enhance our learning and improve our practices around all manner of things.”