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Residents and recruitment join forces

Residents at our home in Faversham have been part of the recruitment process thanks to a new initiative from the Home Manager and Deputy Home Manager

Claire Dante, who has been managing the home since 2022, and her deputy Imma Massaguer wanted the residents to feel involved with the process when new people are brought in.

She said: “We do the initial stage of the interview and then we introduce the applicant to a resident. While they are interacting with them, we are then able to see different sides to their character that we wouldn’t necessarily get from standard questions and answers.

“It gives us a real insight into what that person might be like, how they would fit in with the home and how our residents feel about them.”

So far, three residents have done this and another three have expressed an interest in being involved in the future.

Claire added: “It’s been so successful and allows us to see things like eye contact and body language. One resident did not take well to one candidate recently and we took this feedback and reaction on board and listened. It’s a different way to get to know people and for me, I want our residents to be included in this as much as possible. This inclusion allows residents to feel valued and that their opinion matters.”

The residents have been involved with interviews for care and support workers, as well as roles such as kitchen assistants and housekeeping staff.

Director of Care, Becky Richards, said: “This is a really forward-thinking way of making our residents feel part of life at the home. It is their home, and they need to feel comfortable with the staff we employ. As part of our Residents’ Charter this is one of the things that we will commit to – recruitment of the best possible staff. That means highly trained staff and continuity of care and support for all residents.”

The plan is to roll this initiative out to other homes to engage residents in interviews across the Foundation.

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