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Pedalling for Platters, Disco Dancing and Soulful Singing!

HO HO HO! it’s time for the festive fun to begin with a 24-hour disco challenge!

Challenge day has been and gone; Wednesday 15th November was a day full of fundraising fun and Platters pulled out all the stops to make sure they had the best event possible! The aim for this challenge was to raise as much money as they possibly could to help make their resident’s Christmas as magical as possible.

Platters achieved this by raising an extra £265 pounds over their target of £500, we could not be prouder of them!

Due to the pandemic and all the hardships people across the world have faced over the past couple of years, our residents at Platters Farm Lodge haven’t had a Christmas full of celebrations and activities, so, we are hoping we can make this year different!

Claire Horsfall, Activities Co-ordinator and Receptionist, said, “All I want is to make the residents and the home as festive and magical as I possibly can this Christmas as the people we care for don’t always have the same festive feeling that I might do at home”.

Claire’s colleague Gerry truly felt the same way, so took this in her stride and decided to put together this 24-hour disco challenge, ‘Dancing for Platters!’

Once Gerry started to put the idea out to their colleagues and home manager, Claire and Jo decided they wanted to support Gerry throughout the 24 hours.

This is where ‘Pedalling for Platters’ and ‘Soulful Singing’ come into play. Claire cycled for 24 hours, and Jo sang for 24 hours. What an exciting 24 hours it was!

Home manager Jo Kula said, “Having a magical Christmas is so important to me as the home manager as well as to all of our residents, so I will be singing until I have no voice left to sing” and this is exactly what Jo did.

What an inspiration they all are! They needed funds to make this Christmas special, so they went out of their way to fundraise for this special cause. As a foundation and charity, we could not be prouder of the three of them and everyone at Platters for the efforts and support towards their residents.

If you would like to participate in a fundraising challenge or have an idea to help fundraise for our charity, please get in touch as we would love to hear from. You can call us on 01127 373292 or email