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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

A Strode Park House resident has been out for the first time in years.

Marilyn, known to everyone as Nanna, has enjoyed a day at Herne Bay seafront for the first time in a long time.

Along with fellow resident Emma, Lead carer Vicki and Activities Coordinator Lisa, the awesome foursome had a good old-fashioned day at the beach.

They started at the pier and did a bit of shopping, had a stroll down the promenade, took in the views from the end of the pier, ate fish and chips, went to the slot machines at Cain’s Amusements, had ice-cream and then ended with some hot doughnuts.

Lisa Glendinning, Strode Park House’s activities coordinator said: “Nanna hasn’t been out in a long time but now the world truly is her oyster. She knew she was going out yesterday but we didn’t tell her where, so it was a lovely surprise. We started with something small and just a short distance from home and to say she had a great time is an understatement.”

Nanna, who has been a resident at the Herne home since 2015, didn’t use any of her tickets that she won at the arcades so that she can come back and have even more for next time. And her next adventure will be to Westwood Cross to do some shopping. Nanna has always done this online, so to do it in person soon will be a huge new experience for her.