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Leanne’s new leadership challenge

Leanne Anslow has been appointed the permanent manager of Strode Park Foundation’s Lifestyles Community Service (LCS).

Lifestyles community Services offers a number of vibrant and lively care settings including our residential service, day service and also a number of individual supported living properties.  The services have a specific focus on empowering young adults with physical disabilities to live their best life.

Director of Care (Social and Homecare) Becky Richards said: “Our focus has and will always be our clients and we need to make sure that, despite the pressures we are facing, we continue to provide a safe quality of care for all our clients. The appointment of Leanne will mean we can do this.

“Leanne brings a wealth of experience with her, having worked at Strode Park Foundation since 2009. We’re delighted to see her in this new permanent role.”

Leanne started her career at Strode in 2009 at age 20 as a part-time carer working in the community. After completing her Level 5 Diploma, in 2018 Leanne started as the manager of Lady Dane Farmhouse in Faversham.

In 2021 Lady Dane, under Leanne’s leadership, achieved a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Following this, in November 2022 Leanne took over as the interim manager of Strode’s Lifestyles Community Service.

She said: “In November 2022, everything changed, I was faced with one of the biggest challenges yet. Not one to shy away from a challenge and always determined to make a difference in any way I can to help others. The team has been a great support and very supportive with the improvements we’ve made. I’m looking forward to navigating the service to an even brighter future.”

Leanne Anslow