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Darren’s Double Running Challenge

By Shawna McGuire

Darren Vilton-Tebbutt, age 50, will be running both the London Landmark Half-Marathon and the Brighton Marathon for Strode Park Foundation this April.

The experienced runner has previously taken part in many half-marathon trail runs, Centurion Chiltern Wonderland 50 miler and Centurion South Down Way 100 miler, but not normally a road runner, the two races will put him to the test.

After a hernia operation and COVID just before Christmas, Darren’s training had to stop for ten weeks, but he is now back in training and raring to go.

Darren knows it’s hard for some people to have the same opportunities in life as himself, so he wanted to raise money to help people in Strode Park’s care get to experience the life they choose. Being a parent himself, Darren said, “I love my children and try to do as much as I can to give them experiences, they deserve. I wanted to raise money to help the people at Strode Park have the lives they deserve by experiencing life.”

The time goals Darren has set for himself for the London Landmark Half-Marathon is around 1 hour 50 mins and for the Brighton Marathon 4 hours, although he has said he will wait and see as “on race day anything can happen”.

Darren noted he chose running because he loves it, he said “I enjoy the freedom it brings to your fitness, the time it gives you to clear your thoughts and the trail running and ultra-marathon community is just awesome.” The runners sponsor target is £1000 however he has set his current target for £500 as it’s tough for many families to donate at the moment.

If you wish to donate to Darren you can go to:

strode park running fundraisers