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Barclays Match Funding

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Lucy Howard and Barclays bank for their recent donation of £250 under the Barclay’s Match Funding Scheme.

Lucy worked for Barclays for 22 years before retiring 20 years ago whilst her husband, John, was a member of the Friends of Strode Park for 36 years before stepping down due to health issues. On retiring from Barclays, Lucy found out about their match funding scheme and, due to her and John’s strong connection with us, decided to put our name forward for funding. Lucy has been working with us and helping to secure match funding for 20 years now with the past two years being for our Christmas Cabaret event, Baubles with Bublé.

It’s thanks to this match funding that we were thrilled to make nearly £1130 at this event and this will all go directly towards supporting the children and adults with disabilities who we care for.