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John Cotterill

I have been the Director of Care Services at Strode Park Foundation since 2003 and most recently have been moved into a Nursing and Therapy Director of Care role. My mother was a nurse, my wife is a nurse and I am a nurse. So you’ll get the picture; care has always been my calling.

I was 17 when I first helped to support people with disabilities on Teesside, which is where I grew up. In 1986 I moved to Kent, where the weather is better but the football is worse. After several decades, marrying and having a child in Kent, it has long since become home.

I have studied, qualified, and attained wide experience in care, nursing and management. I work for Strode Park Foundation because I think its values and charitable status combine to make it the best care delivery vehicle. I am proud of the work Strode Park Foundation does and the difference it makes to the lives of people and families living with disability.

Away from work, I like to travel, although nowadays only to less adventurous places and in middle-aged comfort, and I love live music and to watch live football. If I can combine travel and one of the other two, I’m a very happy chappie.