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Sunflower Growing Competition

Friday 28th May 2021 (5:00pm )

Rise to the challenge and get growing

Everyone is invited to take part in our Sunflower Growing Competition.

Make a donation (we are suggesting a minimum of £3), receive your seeds and then get growing. We want big and tall sunflowers to brighten up our year.

The competition will start on 1 April and you will have until 3 September 2021 to submit your photo and height in cm of your sunflower.

The deadline to apply for your seeds is 28 May. 

You’ll need to send the photos of your sunflower in all its glory to us by 3 September where we will announce a winner.

Send your photos and final height measurement (in cm) to, along with your name and contact details and tell us if you’re happy for us to share these on social media. We’d love to see you standing next to your sunflower too.

There will be a prize and certificate for the tallest sunflower.