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Stride and Ride

It's time to get fundraising in our month-long July challenge

In July we are asking you to work up a sweat by participating in our Stride and Ride Fundraiser. You can tailor the fundraiser to yourself and your needs and you have the entirety of July to complete it!

At Strode Park we hold our Annual Stride and Ride fundraiser every July with our residents and care home teams where we walk and wheel 5 miles from Whitstable to Herne along the sea front. This year was supposed to be our 20th Anniversary but unfortunately due to lock down restrictions we cannot proceed as normal. Nonetheless we have a plan! Not only will our residents be raising money and completing their Stride and Ride event in the gardens of our homes, but we are also opening the fundraiser up to you the public for the first time! Better yet we have given you the whole of July to complete your fundraiser.

Stride and Ride is a fundraiser not only for the runners, whether you want to run, jog, walk, scoot, cycle, or even an exercise challenge such as 1,000 sit ups in July or even 300 jumps on a Pogo stick, you can take part.  We are giving you the whole of July, you can pick a single day or spread it out over the 31 days, it’s really up to you! There will be prizes for the most money raised and the biggest physical feat.

It’s simple; pick the day, pick your activity and location, and decide if you’re going to dress up (please do we would love to see the costume ideas!) Then get fundraising!

Tailor the event to yourself, if you want to walk 5 miles, walk 5 miles, if you would like to run a Marathon whilst dressed up as a fairy, do it, it is up to you! The only thing we ask is that you follow whatever the current lockdown measures are at the time of your fundraiser!

Once you’ve completed your fundraiser you are more than welcome to send us any pictures you like that you would be comfortable for us to post on our social media sites, we would love to see them. Use the hashtag #strideandride2020 so we can follow what you’re doing on social media.

You can either use our fundraising packs to fundraise or set up an online fundraiser on (We recommend online donations during this pandemic but as long as you are safe and follow guidelines do whatever works best for you).

Follow this link to get download your Stride and Ride 2020 Fundraising Pack

Stride and Ride