Returning to Theatre in the Park for 2019, we are pleased to present the ever popular Rubber Biscuit!

The band spoke to us about their upcoming show…

What are you looking forward to about your Theatre in the Park show?

"Performing at Strode Park is a highlight in the diary for us, the venue itself is unique because it's the only amphitheatre within the area.  We are privileged to be invited back each year to entertain the public along with the residents.  It's always a great night and brilliant atmosphere, a gig that we all look forward to.  So thank you for booking us and for doing an amazing job."

What else can our audience expect from the night?

"We make the show as interactive as possible, when the sun sets its difficult to resist the temptation to join in and have a boogie to a classic blend of R&B, Soul, Northern Soul, Motown, Ska and Pop."

Do you have any other shows coming up that the Theatre in the Park audience could come see you at?

"Yes we have the following shows coming up:

Friday 30th August - Hop Festival - Market Inn, Faversham

Saturday 26th October - Market Inn, Faversham"

Visit for full details on the band including some fantastic live footage.


Rubber Biscuit are on at 7.30pm on Friday 2 August 2019 at Theatre in the Park, Strode Park, Herne CT6 7NE

Tickets are £13.50 and available from