We have been granted a place in the 2019 London Marathon and are pleased to announce that Martin Rafferty will be running on our behalf.

Martin's story...

"Why would anyone run" ( let alone a marathon )

That was me beginning of May leading up to my 49th birthday.

18th May first run of 2k was in 14mins, was I knackered, yes!! - goal was to get fit

Fast forward to 24th Aug 5k in 30mins, and that was after running a 10k & 2 x 9k in 5 days, my goals were changing.

Now after some deliberation, I am completing in the 26m London Marathon – goals have properly changed.

So many people’s goals here at Strode Park Foundation are just to get from A-B, their goals are harder than mine, I can choose not to do the challenge I am setting myself, wimp out and say it’s too hard but they challenge themselves every day.

I can choose not to put myself through the pain of training for hours and days, and sit on my sofa and watch tele.

They are unable to not choose the pain and sitting on the sofa is out of the question.

I can choose not to push myself to make myself a fitter person in mind and body and push myself to my limit, but they do that every day.

We can all sit in front of the tele and watch all the charity shows, and celebrities doing this and that for charity, but how many of us have actually done that or had the chance to do that on a grand scale like a London Marathon.

Who would not want to be the first person to run for SPF, running for place where I work and everyone but everyone is family.

I chose to put myself forward for the marathon, as one of my personal goals, to push me to the limit to see if ‘I can’, just like the residents push themselves here every day to see if 'they can' because they would love the chance to walk and run and they wouldn’t say ‘No’.

I want to run for people that inspire me and that can make me challenge myself to work harder and not waste my time away like I have done during times -

So why should I run, because its a goal to achieve

Doing nothing is not an option – see, goals have changed for good

They don’t give up – so why should I.

Martin has set up a fundraising page so please take a look and donate generously if you can!

Good Luck Martin!