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Strode Lottery

Feeling lucky?

For just £5 a month you could be part of our Strode Lottery and have the chance to win up to three prizes each month.

How to enter

  • Join our Strode Lottery – details on how to join are below
  • You can decide how many entries you would like to have
  • Members must be willing to commit to a minimum of a one-year membership
  • Once you have joined we will send you details of your assigned number/s
  • At the end of each month your number is entered into a draw with three generated at random. You have a chance of winning 60%, 30% and/or 10% of our monthly prize fund (which makes up 40% of the money received, the other 60% gets ploughed straight back into Strode Park’s fantastic work).
  • If you’re a winner, we’ll send you a letter to confirm with your prize cheque
  • Winning numbers will also be published every month on this page and social media channels

Good Luck!

You can buy a year’s membership online you can fill in your details below or alternatively download our Strode Lottery Application Form

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions


    July Winners

    • 1st prize – 39 – Tina
    • 2nd prize – 33 – Kara
    • 3rd prize – 2 – Phillip

    June Winners

    • 1st prize – 26 – Aaron
    • 2nd prize – 21 – Bernard
    • 3rd prize – 46 – Katy

    Congratulations to all the winners! We will get your winnings to you as soon as possible.

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