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The Virtual Dog Show

Sunday 31st May 2020 (5:00pm )

Welcome to Strode Park Foundation’s Virtual Dog Show, where we crown our perfect pooches – all in the name of charity.

We designed this event to celebrate how important our dogs have been to us over the last few months. They have given us a reason to go outside every day, company in our loneliest moments, and joy always (well except the times they decide to destroy the furniture!) We have decided to keep this competition light-hearted and fun so we’ve mixed up the categories to your regular dog show.

  • Quarantine Crop – The best or worst haircuts you have tried giving your pups in quarantine!
  • Doggy Doppelganger – they say you become your pet show us if it’s true!
  • Best Pup – Isolation newcomer award.
  • Lost Friends – Dogs absent and missed during isolation or who have passed during lock down.
  • Funniest Four-legged Friend – send us a silly photo of your dog!
  • Cutest Canine – show us your why your pooch is just perfect
  • Best in Show – Overall winner, all dogs will automatically be entered into this category and the winner will get a doggy hamper!

Votes will also be calculated by the amount of likes each dog gets so feel free to share to all your friends and family – just make sure to let them know they need to like the original post on our Strode Park Facebook page when the albums go live on 2 June, not your own so we can see and count it!

When you’ve paid for your submission you’ll be sent instructions on where to send your photos. 

Now for the rules

  • Entry will be £2 for each category. You can enter a photo to as many of the categories you would like. Please state the category you would like to enter when you send us your photos.
  • Once the deadline date for entries is reached, an album of entries will be produced by our team and published on 2 June.  You will need to share this to all of your friends and family so that they can vote for your pooch!
  • The winner of each category will be calculated by the amount of likes each dog gets on their photo, we will only be counting likes on the original upload by us not on any shared images so make sure to let people know to vote on our page, not your shared image.
  • We’re afraid once you’ve entered the competition we cannot give refunds
  • The photograph will be judged on the category you have entered them into, and the best in show, but no other category.  If you wish the image to be considered for another category you will need to make another submission.
  • Images must not contain anyone who has not given their consent to be in the picture.  Images will be judged by the public by likes on your dog’s photo in the album being published on 2 June.
  • All of the entries will be entered into our ‘Best in Show’ category, as well as the specific category they have been entered into.
  • Photographs must be your own, any photograph that is found out to not be your own and an infringement of copyright will be removed from the competition without refund.
  • This is a family event so any image deemed unsuitable will not be included within the competition, this would include anything considered indecent. Again, we won’t be able to give a refund if this happens.

Even though we would like to think so, none of us at Strode Park are dog experts, therefore we have decided to let the public do the voting for us! We know all dogs are special and no matter where your dog places they are still just as great as ever and top dog for you. Thank you for entering, your support is really valuable to us, especially during these difficult times.

We can’t wait to see your pawfect pets!