ComCare is a home care and support service provided by Strode Park Foundation which promotes individuals’ independence, well being and choice through quality care and therapy services.
The service is available for anyone who has a disability (including children and older people) who require assistance to live in their own home or who need support to attend college or other community facilities.

How can ComCare help?
ComCare has a team of carers who are specially trained to provide care for you in your own home or provide help if you need assistance to attend college or other community facilities.
ComCare can help with a variety of activities including:
• Personal care
• Shopping
• Outings
• Domestic work
• Meal preparation
• Finance management

How is ComCare managed?
ComCare has an extremely experienced and well-qualified management team.
There is also an on-call supervisor on duty outside office hours in case a need arises during a home visit or for additional support for customers or staff. 

Can the service be designed to meet my individual needs?
Yes, home care and support services provided by ComCare are individually designed and are reviewed in full partnership with you so that the necessary support is provided economically.

How can the service be paid for?
Our services are often purchased using easy-to-access government money called Direct Payments. We do not charge extra to privately paying customers. Strode Park is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation. The value for money of our service is second to none.

"ComCare has made a huge difference to my life, without this service I wouldn’t be able to live in my own home and enjoy the level of independence I now have"

To discuss your needs in detail and how to claim funding, please contact our ComCare team direct on 01227 365887

ComCare – helping you to live the life you choose