Strode Park Foundation’s Footprints site is showing signs of becoming part of Canterbury’s bid to become the first Makaton friendly city in the country.

Staff at the children’s home have signed up to the initiative organised by St Nicholas School in Canterbury.

They have had their first taster session and have learnt a range of 30 basic signs.

Kirsty Ledger, a Children’s Support Worker at Footprints, is going to be completing the rest of the Makaton modules with a view to sharing this learning with her colleagues. She said: “I know how to sign all the basic things like questions, how to introduce yourself, food and drink and greetings. It’s not about signing to our clients but signing with them so we can learn together.”

The whole project is about making a meaningful change to improve communication and inclusivity within organisations.

Strode Park Foundation’s Footprints home will now also be included in a Makaton Friendly map on the Makaton Charities website.