Not many people know but before our name was changed was changed in 1980 to ‘Strode Park Foundation’, we started out in 1946 being known as ‘Cripplecraft’ (an acceptable name back then if not so much these days).

Back in the 1940s It had been noticed by those responsible for their care and well-being that the residents really needed something to occupy them mentally and physically so it was decided that it would be a great idea to engage them in toy making and thus the first Cripplecraft toy was made.

With plenty of practice and perseverance, soft toys of many kinds were produced along with a variety of other handicrafts including needlework, basketry, woodwork, cane chair repairing and rug making. 

Unfortunately we do not have many examples of these lovely soft toys in our possession but have been lucky to own a small teddy bear and more recently, have kindly been donated a little dog by the Heacham Youth and Community Trust (which had found its way to their charity shop in Norfolk!)

Which brings us to a little competition for half term… 

We would love to give these wonderful toys their forever names so if you would like to name either (or both), please comment on our Facebook post and we will be announcing our favourites on our Facebook page on the 1st March!