“I became involved with Strode Park soon after I joined the staff of the Archbishop of Canterbury, long before I was captured in Beirut. I took it up largely because it was a Canterbury Charity and I had an association with the City but also because I felt that it was, and still is, a very worthwhile organisation. When I first visited the Foundation it was full of vulnerable people with severe disabilities and I thought then 'if I can do anything to support them I will'.

It’s very important that a charity like Strode Park is given every possible support because, although it is comparatively small, the work that it does is extremely significant. You are very fortunate if you find a place of the standard and quality of Strode Park. In fact, we need far more places like it.

If a member of my family was in the position that so many people who benefit from Strode Park find themselves, I would be enormously grateful for the work they do and I know those who do benefit from Strode Park are, indeed, enormously grateful.”

Terry Waite CBE